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Category: Physical Space: Home and/or Office

I feel 100% in control of my space & possessions, know exactly where everything is, and can put my hands on things I want/need within 5 minutes.

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Category: Lost Items

I waste no time, money, or energy whatsoever looking for misplaced items/paperwork/files in my home and/or office.

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Category: Clutter

I feel 100% in control of my space & possessions, know exactly where everything is, and can put my hands on things I want/need within 5 minutes.

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Category: Paperwork

I have a functioning command center in place for ALL incoming and outgoing PAPERWORK.

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Category: Digital File Backup/Cloud Storage

I back up my computer hard drive regularly either manually or automatically via a service, external hard drive, thumb drive, etc.

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Category: Email

I use tools/processes to manage my email inbox so it’s not cluttered/overwhelming.

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Category: Decisions

I make informed and timely decisions I feel good about regarding what to do with my possessions, paperwork, files, goals, time, tasks, etc.

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Category: Goals

I have goals, task lists, etc. to keep track of things.

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Category: Priorities

My goals, projects, and tasks are prioritized so I clearly know which are the most important things I should work on.

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Category: Journal

I spend time each day reflecting on goals, priorities, next steps, etc. so I spend my valuable time on what I NEED to do.

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Category: Time Management

I use reminders/notifications to ensure I’m always on time for meetings, appointments, events, commitments, etc.

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Category: Task Management

I have a trusted task management system I use to track my to-dos, projects, etc.

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Category: Calendar Management

I use my calendar to schedule meetings, events, time to work on projects, deliverables, etc., and not as a reminder system for non-urgent tasks.

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Category: Distractions

When working on an important project, I have no (or minimal) physical and/or digital distractions so I can focus 100%.

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Category: Reputation Management

I have a great personal/professional reputation because people know they can rely on me to be on time, follow through on commitments, get things done, etc.

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Category: Vital Document Grab & Go System

If there was an emergency TODAY, I have a Grab & Go system that I could put my hands on WITHIN 5 MINUTES to evacuate which contains all up-to-date vital medical, financial, legal, etc. documents.

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Category: Critical Document Access 24/7

I have access to ALL my critical documents 100% of the time whether I’m home or out of town because I have a version of them stored in the cloud.

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Category: Vital Life & Death Documents

If I died TODAY, someone could easily find my life/death documents (will, power of attorney, list of items I want to gift, legacy letters for loved ones, etc.).

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Category: Home Inventory

If something happened to my home TODAY (fire, theft, etc.), I have an inventory of ALL my possessions I could use to file an insurance claim.

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Category: Home Cleanout Upon Death

If I died TODAY, cleaning out my home would be a pleasure, not an imposition, for my loved one(s).

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