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Have you ever heard of “Give your Stuff Away Day”  This Professional Organizer had not but recently stumbled across it.  Mike Morone  is trying to establish the twice-per-year event occurring in May and again in September.  

This month, the day is being celebrated on Saturday, May 19.  The premise is that everyone has items in their homes 

and offices that they no longer want or need. So Mike proposes that on that day, everyone should place their unwanted items on their curb for others to take for free.  While you may consider your old lawnmower trash because you bought a new one, your neighbor might consider it a treasure because his/hers no longer works.  I love this idea!  

He proposes the following guidelines:

  • Obey local ordinances
  • Place ONLY the allowed items on your curb
  • Do NOT put out trash or recyclables on Give Your Stuff Away Day
  • Do NOT donate recalled products – visit for details
  • Do not put dangerous or illegal items on your curb
  • Be careful driving those weekends
  • Be prepared to retrieve what’s left over

I think the only thing I would add to Mike’s list is to advertise your free stuff either on or in order to spread the word.  I would also apply the same rule that I use when running a yard sale either for myself or a client. Whatever is leftover at the end of the day gets donated to a local charity. I don’t know about you but once an unwanted item leaves my home, I don’t want it back in there! So just load it up on your vehicle and take it away!

Kudos to Mike for initiating this. I don’t know about you but I’ve started following him on Facebook ( and suggest you do the same.  I can’t wait to hear the date for September’s Give Your Stuff Away Day!
For more information, check out Mike’s website at
Quote:  “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ~ Maya Angelou ~

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