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What a difference a day makes.  I’ve been offering Virtual Organizing services for a while now.  Has it been my most popular service?  Absolutely not.  Why?  Because most people have never hired a Professional Organizer to begin with so they didn’t understand the process.  To further complicate things, if they didn’t understand the process, they couldn’t comprehend how it could be done virtually. But now in light of COVID-19 and social distancing, Virtual Organizing is the hottest game in town and I’m going to explain why by answering some commonly asked questions.

What is Virtual Organizing?
Virtual Organizing is similar to traditional organizing with a Professional but instead of meeting face-to-face, we work together using technology (phones, tablets or computers).

What should I expect? It starts with a complimentary phone or video conversation in which we discuss the following:

  • your goals/objectives (i.e. the organizing/productivity problems you’re trying to solve)
  • obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goals
  • others in your household/office who need to be involved in this process, if any
  • my rates/service plans/pre-paid discount packages
  • a decision on both our parts regarding if we want to move forward. If yes, we would book our first pre-paid session.

If we decide to move forward, the first session is a deep dive into the problem area(s) you want to solve including photos/videos, an assessment regarding what’s working and not working, your preference regarding products, etc.   Based on this, I’ll create an action plan, provide of list of supplies you’ll need and we schedule our next session.

Next  is when we begin our hands-on work.  I will direct you step-by-step regarding actions you need to take, expert advice and tips regarding how to organize your office/home.  Throughout this process, we also discuss the reasons behind your clutter and ways to build better habits into your daily schedule to assist you with maintenance once our work is completed.  Sessions typically last a minimum of 1 hour. In addition, some clients prefer to do 100% of the work with me by their side virtually whereas others request homework to complete in between sessions.  It’s up to you!  As a result, the number and duration of sessions depends on the scope of your project and your preferences.

While one of my goals is for you to be able to maintain order and systems once we’re done, some clients are not able to or choose not to.  As a result, I’m also available to help with ongoing maintenance if desired.

Am I a good candidate?  The answer is “yes” if you…

  • have a clear vision of the problem you’re trying to solve and desired results
  • can you clearly articulate your vision
  • are you a self-starter
  • can follow directions
  • are ready, willing and able to do the physical hands-on work  (sorting, lifting, carrying, etc.)
  • have basic technology skills so you:
    • can take photos or record a video using a phone/tablet/laptop so you can show me the problem area you want to solve
    • use or are willing to learn a video chat platform (your choice… Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, etc.)
    • have strong internet/wi-fi connection so we don’t lose each other during our calls

Who is a typical client?  They include those who:

  • love to organize but feel stuck and want the advice of a seasoned Professional
  • are overwhelmed by a DIY project and don’t know where to start
  • have a limited budget

Are you ready to learn more about virtual organizing? Then take the next step and call me for your free consultation. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t call sooner!

“Get rid of clutter and you may just find that it was blocking the door your’ve been looking for.”  ~ Katrina Mayer ~

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Brenda Tringali is the owner of At Your Fingertips Organizing. She provides Life/Workplace/Residential Organizing & Productivity services to clients in the Myrtle Beach, SC area & “virtually” anywhere via video, phone, etc.  Brenda is an active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing professionals).  She is also Chair of the NAPOCares Committee which highlights the community outreach efforts of NAPO members, NAPO Chapters, and NAPO Business Partners as they reach out to share the three “T’s” of Social Responsibility:  their Time, Treasures, and Talents.