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purpose of a clothes chair

What is the purpose of a clothes chair? Well, it depends who you ask. If you google it, you should find Clothing Valet Stands for sale. Marketing verbiage includes the following as key selling points:

  • multi-purpose 
  • use it to hang your coat on its oversized back, pants, ties, belts or scarves, 
  • great organization for clothes and accessories
  • features a trouser rack for his pants, a tray for jewelry, keys, or a wallet. 
  • tilt mirror is perfect for a quick morning brush-up 
  • the base holds a pair of shoes.
  • comfortable chair on which to dress or undress.
  • use it as a seat 


Off the top of my head, I can think of 2 purposes it may have:

PROACTIVE: to help you get prepared for the next day. Once you’ve decided and pulled out what you plan to wear the next day, you now have a well-designed piece of furniture on which to put your complete outfit so it’s all together and doesn’t get wrinkled. This includes a place for shoes and accessories.

REACTIVE: However, I see the majority of people using it the opposite way. A place to temporarily throw your clothes at the end of a long day when you’re too tired to follow through and put them where they truly belong.  

As I type this, I recall that my Dad used to have a clothing valet. But I know he bought it with a PROACTIVE goal in mind. Dad was a men’s clothing salesman at upscale men’s stores for the majority of his adult life. He was meticulous about how he dressed… items had to be clean, ironed, no lint, etc. So it’s no wonder that he bought/used it because he didn’t want his clothing to get wrinkled.

My Experience with a Clothes Chair

Now I’m not criticizing people who use it for the latter (REACTIVE) as long as it’s temporary. However, what I have seen in the course of my career is people using chairs (valet or non-valet) in their bedroom as long-term storage. Clothing stays there for days, sometimes weeks on end. Then so much time passes, people don’t remember what’s clean or dirty and end up having to launder everything.

I’m sure that people have the best intentions if/when they purchase one. Here’s my point. If you’re going to have a chair in your bedroom (clothing valet or not), be clear on WHY you want a chair in your bedroom. Is it to sit while you’re getting dressed or is it as temporary storage or is it a place to throw your clothes until you put them where they belong? Be clear about your goal and then follow throw. It may take you a few extra minutes each day to deal with your clothing when you’re done wearing it but these will definitely save you a lot of time in the long run.  

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

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