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At Your Fingertips Organizing
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February is LOVE month… not only because of Valentine’s Day on February 14 when we celebrate our love for our significant others but also because of Galentine’s Day on February 13, an unofficial holiday for ladies celebrating ladies.  But I suggest we take it one step further and use February as a month to celebrate and love ourselves.  Let’s make some time to get our own lives in order to save time, be less stressed and more organized.

How does a typical day start?  I believe that for most, not all, it starts by waking, having our morning coffee (or 

tea, water, smoothie, energy drink, etc.), showering and then getting dressed, right?  So let’s break that process down a little bit and focus on the getting dressed part. 

How do you feel when you open your closet door and/or bureau drawer and are faced with the same issues everyday because you haven’t dealt with them?  Exasperated or stressed or angry because you wear the same outfits week in and week out and don’t do anything about it?

Let me ask more personal questions… this time about the contents of your closet and/or bureau drawers. Do you having clothing you don’t wear because:

  • it’s too big or too small?
  • you no longer want/like it?
  • it’s not a complete outfit and you need to buy a matching article of clothing/accessory in order to wear it? 
  • it requires tailoring
  • it’s seen better days?

Let February be the month you deal with it by decluttering your clothes.  Notice I didn’t say re-organize them because in my opinion that’s just neatening them up by moving them around.  You don’t resolve any problems by doing that. You need to make the time to analyze why you’re not wearing some of them and decide what to do next.  Here are a few examples…

  1. It it’s something that requires some sort of mending/tailoring, place it in a mending pile for you to fix later or in your car to bring to a tailor. Then schedule time on your calendar to make it happen.
  2. If it’s something you never wear because you have nothing to match it, then do what I do… I put it in a bag and place it in my car. This way, when I’m out and about, it’s always At My Fingertips!  So whenever I’m out shopping, I’ll bring it into a store with me and look for the missing link to buy so I can finally start to wear it.
  3. if it’s something that no longer fits or that you no longer love,  I suggest donating those items either to a nonprofit or gifting them to family/friends. 
  4. if it’s that bad, you many need to toss it
  5. Last but not least… always keep an empty bag (or box) in your closet for future donations.  If you have a designated place to put your donations,  you’re more apt to use it the next time you come across something you no longer love/need and want to donate.

As you read these suggestions you may be saying to yourself, I already knew that. But how many of you act on it.

This is what I want for you in the month of February. By the end of the month, I want you to be able to open your closet door and or bureau drawer and be excited by the endless possibilities.  I want you to be excited to get dressed.  I want you to be energized by wearing a new combination of  clothing. You’ll be amazed at how empowered you’ll feel by wearing an outfit you love!  You’ll be happier, more confident and more upbeat.  So make February all about taking care of YOU. By doing so and loving yourself more, you’ll have greater energy and capacity to love others.


Quote: “Clear clutter – make space for you” – Magdelena Vandenberg

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