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At Your Fingertips Organizing
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I challenge you to take a journey with me in 2019

January 1st used to be one of my favorite days of the year.  It was a new beginning… a time to dive into all those resolutions and goals I wanted to achieve throughout the year. But the older I get, the wiser I’ve become.  I’ve learned over the years that like many people, I do better by breaking those long terms goals down into weekly goals.  Not only are smaller goals more easily achievable but I stumbled across a fascinating statistic.  According US News, 80% of New Years resolutions fail by mid February.  And I don’t want to fail!  

My big professional goal for 2019 is to more post information/tips all year long that will educate and empower you, my readers, to achieve more while saving time and/or money!

How will I do this?  
I commit to presenting 52 topics on social media; 1 unique topic each week.  I need you to know that as I type 

these words, my heart rate has accelerated and my hands are shaking because of all the pressure I’m putting on myself by putting this in writing this.  Why? Because…

  • by publicizing it, I’m making myself accountable.  I’m more apt to follow through on something if I’ve told someone about my plans. 
  • I desperately want you to take this journey with me.  As I put myself out there, I want you to put yourself out there as well. Commit/Publicize an area in which you want to improve and how you plan to do it.

So many of my clients, family and friends have things they want to accomplish but it doesn’t happen. Why?  Because they may start a project but it gets sidelined by something more important.  Or perhaps it becomes too difficult.  Or perhaps they never start at all.

So please take this journey with me.   This is what you need to do: 
1.  Plan! Grab paper/pen or your electronic device and start brainstorming 52 small things you want to do to get more organized or be more productive in 2019  They can be unique to each other or they can be steps to a larger, grandiose goal that you want to achieve.  You don’t need to worry about coming up with all 52 at once… you can add to this list later. But I suggest coming up with at least 1 to start.  Still not sure where to start?  Then think of a problem you want to solve because you’re wasting time and/or money!  Here are a few examples of problems my clients want solved:

  • Do you have piles of paperwork you want to go through sort/purge/file once and for all? 
  • Are you consistently late for work, school, meetings, etc. because you can’t find your car keys or other essential items needed for the day?
  •  Do you constantly buy duplicate/triplicate items for work and/or home because you can’t find the originals? 

If you have more than one listed, choose one to start with. We’ll begin with Project #1 on Sunday, January 6.

2.  Not sure what to pick?  For those who don’t know where to begin, I’m going to make it easy.  Each week I’ll publish a challenge for you. So you can either pick your own or just do my posted challenge… it’s that easy!

3.  Join the conversation!  Each week, I’ll announce the beginning of a new week/challenge.  It’s an opportunity for you to post about the 1 new mini project you plan to take on that week or the continuation of a project you haven’t quite finished.  You can be a public or as private as you want. The great part is that each week is a new opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh regardless how you did the prior week. There’s no pressure at all; only support!  Feel free to ask me questions each week as well if you’re stuck, etc.

So whether your goals for the New Year include getting rid of clutter, purging paperwork, transitioning to a more digital life, just think of each Sunday as your new January 1.  Come with me on this journey! 

Quote:  “The New Year lies before you like a spotless track of snow. Be careful how you tread it, for every mark will show.”   ~ Author Unknown ~

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