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I’m not sure how November managed to sneak up so quickly this year when it seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.  But the reality is that it’s here and it’s time to get into a Thanksgiving state of mind.

I happen to think that November is the perfect time to declutter your Home and/or Office.  Why?  Let me give
you my top 10 reasons:

  • If you’re in need of a few dollars, you may find items you no longer want/use that you can sell 
  • You may also find some brand new items you no longer want that you can re-gift to others
  • You can donate those items you no longer want/use to local nonprofits who desperately need it
  • Your donated items may become someone’s treasure at the local nonprofit
  • Your donated items will be available for purchase at those local nonprofits… whether being purchased by those less fortunate or bargain hunters
  • It will give you the opportunity to inventory items you have
  • It will be easier to clean deeper in preparation for the holidays, entertaining, etc.
  • It gives you the opportunity to have fewer possessions
  • If you’re able to declutter quite a bit, you may feel as though you’ve lost 10 pounds.   At least I do… because you’ll be shedding a lot of physical as well as emotional weight. 
  • My number 1 reason?  It relates to one of the biggest obstacles I see clients face when decluttering and that is making the decisions regarding whether or not to keep items.  I have some clients who agonize over their decisions for almost every possession.   And this is when I share with them one of my favorite parts of Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” about decluttering.  Kondo states that “If you’re having a hard time getting rid of something, thank the item for the role it has already played in your life.”  Then you’re free to “let it go.”   Clients appear to have an “aha” moment when they hear this and it makes the decision-making process so much easier!

And so when I think of November, I think of Thanksgiving and when I think of Thanksgiving I think about giving thanks.   Every single day I thank God for my family, friends, life, health and yes, those possessions I no longer have/need but that made me who I am today.   I thank God because they’re only possessions and they are now serving others.  They’re not the truly important things in life that matter to me right now like family, friends, health, peace, etc…  

So declutter today. Give thanks for your stuff that has served you well and if you’re financially able to, please donate it to those less fortunate.  Your generosity will impact others in ways you can’t even imagine.

Quote:  Make decisions that are useful; not comfortable.    ~ Brenda Tringali ~

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Brenda Tringali is the owner of At Your Fingertips Organizing. She provides Life/Workplace/Residential Organizing & Productivity services to clients in the Myrtle Beach, SC area & “virtually” anywhere via video, phone, etc.  Drawing from her 30 years of Human Resources/Staffing experience, she also helps clients with HR/Staffing/Job Search needs as well.   Brenda is an active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing professionals).  She is also Chair of the NAPOCares Committee which highlights the community outreach efforts of NAPO members, NAPO Chapters, and NAPO Business Partners as they reach out to share the three “T’s” of Social Responsibility:  their Time, Treasures, and Talents.