At Your Fingertips Organizing

At Your Fingertips Organizing
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Quote of the Week:
“Get rid of clutter and you may find it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for.” ~ Katrina Mayer ~

I spent 30 years of my life in Human Resources, the last 15 of which were spent placing people in their dream jobs and helping clients find their dream employees.  Was it satisfying? Yes!  Was I successful?  Wildly!  Was it my passion?  Yes.. for a while.  But things change and people change.  So a few years ago I took control of my life, decluttered it of what no longer brought me joy and focused on creating the new and improved Brenda Tringali, Professional Home/Office Organizer & Productivity Nerd.  I discovered and opened a new door in my life! 

Even though I’ve been doing this a while,  I’m still learning, absorbing and growing.  But I’m finally pursuing one of the things I was meant to do in life.  I don’t consider myself an “expert” Organizer yet and I’m not sure when that switch will flip in my own mind.  Will it be another 5, 10 or 15 years? I don’t know.  But this I do know. Although I may not consider myself an expert due to the extremely high bar I set for myself, I do know that my clients consider me to be an expert.  Why?  Because I know a lot about organizing.  Because they value and appreciate the fact that I can walk into their home and/or office, look at their stuff and help them figure out what to do with it so they can achieve their goals.   Because I help them get “unstuck.” 

There are various categories of people/stuff out there.  Those who:

  • have no system at all; can’t find anything
  • have a mediocre system  and can find a few things
  • have a good system and can find things most of the time
  • have a fantastic system, can find things all of the time because they are so organized but they have WAY TOO MUCH stuff! 

What category do YOU fall into?  Let’s figure it out together.  This is the first in a series of articles I’ll be writing about decluttering and productivity.  I hope you’ll join me in my mission to help people simplify their lives and open new doors!  But I need your help! PLEASE help me spread the word, educate and inspire by subscribing, following, sharing and/or liking me!