At Your Fingertips Organizing

At Your Fingertips Organizing
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Did you know that last Saturday was National Garage Sale Day?  It falls on the 2nd Saturday of August each year!  If you haven’t  decluttered your garage/home/office,  don’t worry… there’s still time.   The good news is that it didn’t have to be done by last Saturday and that you don’t have to have a garage sale.   But the decluttering process has to be done.   To me, having a garage sale is symbolic of freeing yourself of the physical and psychological things holding you back in life.

What I’ve learned from clients is that decluttering is one of these projects that’s overwhelming and as a result, it only gets done as a last resort.  I’ve also learned that it stands in the way of so many things.   Don’t let that happen to you.  The goal of my blog is to inform you, motivate you and empower you to set goals and declutter the stuff that’s keeping you from achieving your goals.   

They say we only use 20% of things we own… clothes, gadgets, appliances, technology, etc.   I want you to think about all the valuable real estate in your garage/home/office that is being taken up by the remaining 80% of  the stuff you no longer want/need/use.   Now let’s take it one step further but I have to forewarn you… this could be painful.  I want you to think about all the goals you’ve wanted to achieve but haven’t yet because your stuff is in the way.    Let me give you a few  “before” client examples before they hired me:

  • I had an executive who was so overwhelmed by piles of business cards, to-do lists and bills on their desk that they didn’t know where to begin in order to flip the switch from being reactive to becoming proactive.  
  • I had another individual who wanted/needed to earn extra money by selling the expensive items they owned but then couldn’t find the items they wanted to sell. 
  • I had yet another person who wanted to improve their health by setting up a small workout area so they could start to exercise in the privacy of their own home but the house was too cluttered.  

​Instead of continuing to be victims, I educated and empowered  these clients to take control of their lives.  And I want to help you to do the same by offering a few suggestions:

1.  Define 1-2 top SMART (SpecificMeasurableAchievable, RealisticTimely)  goals you want to attain, setting realistic deadlines to achieve them

2.  Determine what physical  items are standing in your way of you achieving those goals and start the decluttering process.. even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.  As you declutter, decide what you’ll do with these items and group them together according to their future outcome  (gift, sell, consign, donate, swap, upcycle, repurpose,  yard/garage sale, etc.)

3.  When you’re done decluttering, take the final step and  remove these items from your garage/home/office to their final destination.  Free up that valuable physical and emotional real estate.  I can’t even begin to describe how freeing this is!  

Start today!  I don’t want you to lay your head on your pillow tonight feeling aggravated that yet another day went by without you moving one step closer to achieving your goal(s).   Life is too short for self-loathing so let’s take this journey together.    What goal do YOU want to achieve and what’s standing in YOUR way?

“A goal is a dream without a deadline.”  Napoleon Hill