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Summer is just beginning.  For many, it’s a time of the year when things slow down.  The weather is warmer, the days and longer so it feels like there’s a bit more  time for R&R.  

Now don’t get angry with me but let’s fast forward a few months to September which is National Preparedness Month. Are you prepared should you experience an emergency?  You many think it could never happen to you, but it could. Let’s use the example of a fire. God forbid, what if there was a fire in your residence and you lost everything. Are you prepared?  If not, why not use the lazy days of summer to prepare for such an emergency?

This month’s blog is dedicated to preparing an Emergency Supply Kit.  Hopefully this is something you’ll never, ever need but is best to have just in case.  

​According to FEMA, you should prepare enough supplies to last 3 days.  Here is the link to FEMA’s Emergency Supplies Checklist.  However, let me mention a few additional points:

  • Don’t forget to take the special needs of all family members into consideration (infants, children, seniors, pets, etc.)
  • Consider keeping your primary supplies kit at home.
  • Contents of your primary kit should be stored in large, plastic totes with covers to prevent water damage.
  • Make sure that your primary kit is easily accessible (on the main level of your home (near an exit door if possible) so you can grab it quickly if need be.
  • Ensure that every member of your household knows where you keep your primary kit.
  • Consider keeping smaller, secondary kits in your car and/or workplace 
  • Contents of your kit(s) should be reviewed annually and contents replaced as necessary.
  • Putting a kit together may seem overwhelming but it’s well worth the effort.  Set a goal to get it done within a short timeframe and do it in stages.

“Preparation is everything.”  ~ David Robinson ~

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