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​Next month is Emergency Preparedness month.   One of the key thing’s that FEMA recommends we do to prepare is to develop a Family Emergency Communication Plan.  Our go-to modes of communications (cell phone, computer, etc.) can be unreliable during an emergency/disaster.  However planning in advance will ensure that everyone in your family will know how to reach one another and where to meet should this happen.  FEMA outlines the process in 3 easy steps:

​1. Collect/Document contact information for your family and other important people/offices (medical, doctors, schools, etc.) using the link above.

2.  SHARE:  Make sure that everyone carries a copy of this information with them at all times.  In fact to make it easy, FEMA made it possible for people to complete their Family Emergency Communication Plan online and in turn, print it into a wallet-size card.  This ensures that every family member can carry it in their wallet, pocketbook, backpack, etc. so it’s always at their fingertips!

3. PRACTICE:  Schedule regular meetings to review/practice your plan.

Please take some time to check out these links and develop your Family Emergency Communication Plan.  As you’ll learn, September is National Preparedness Month.  The theme? Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. YOU CAN.
“Always, Always have a plan”  ~ Rick Riordan ~

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