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Learn about safe toy guidelines

The holiday season is upon us so this is the perfect time for a refresher on safe toy guidelines for the kids in our lives.  Did you know that the The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a website dedicated to this in addition to toy recall stats?  To make it easy for you, I’ll recap the highlights however please take a few moments to check out their website for lots of valuable and life-saving information. Some of the highlights include:

Arts and Crafts Safety Alert:

Their Safety handbook the provides critical guidelines for choosing/using arts and crafts. In addition, they explain the hazards of the arts and craft materials.

Balloons and the Danger of Suffocation:

Did you know that balloons are the leading cause of suffocation death according to CPSC injury data?  This typically happens from uninflated toy balloons and pieces of broken balloons. 

BB Guns: 

Many people don’t realize that BB guns, especially high-velocity guns, can kill.  The CPSC warns that children under the age of 16 should not use high-velocity BB or pellet guns. They provide an example of the type of warning that can be found on high-velocity BB guns.

Button Batteries:

These are the small round batteries found in small electronics.  In addition to button batteries, they are also referred to as coin cell batteries.  Did you know that in addition to being a choking hazard, the battery can cause chemical burns in as little as two hours.  I did not!  Check out the great info they provide.

Caps for Toy Guns:

Whether ring, strip or roll caps, don’t allow children to put them in their pockets as the friction can ignite the caps and cause burns.

Electric Toy Safety:

Dangers include electric shock, burns and a variety of mechanical hazards.

Lawn Darts:

The CPSC banned the sale of lawn darts in the U.S. in 1988 due to the fact that they have resulted in the death of children.

Movable Soccer Goals:

These can injure and even kill children who climb on them or hang from the crossbar.  Check out their safety guidelines.

Inline Skating:

The CPSC recommends the use of safety gear (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and gloves) to prevent injures. They also provide a list of safety tips.


Strangulation can result if a strap, etc becomes twisted around a child’s neck.  Examples include, but aren’t limited to guitar straps, necklaces, cords, ribbons, etc.

Trampoline Safety: 

We all know that trampolines can be dangerous.  Injuries and death can result from colliding with another person, not landing properly, falling/jumping off or falling on the trampoline springs or frame.  They provide a wonderful list of tips/guidelines that should be followed.

In closing, we all love to see the smiles on kids’ faces when they receive toys they’re excited about.  But do your research and learn about safe toy guidelines before purchasing that gift.  Check out all the free resources and tips that the CPSC has to offer (safety alerts, posters, brochures, handbooks, etc.).  As they state “Safety. It’s no accident.”

Safety. It’s no accident.

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